The System

No modern Priest or Mage knows how the System was created or why, just that it has endured countless cycles and its worlds are very old. What they do know is the System is made up of 12 worlds. Some of those worlds the Inner Worlds formed the bulk of the Old Kingdom. Where the Outer Worlds were savage places which maintained its frontier like mystique.

The Light is the the center of the System and it is a direct link to the Other and its radiance nourishes the System.

The First World also known as Innuvia, is a primal world known for its equatorial deserts with sweltering jungles covering much of the remaining landmass. Home to a single large ocean and several smaller seas the First World generates massive storms all year round.

The Second World also known as Sauphus, is the center of civilized culture within the System. Home to the majority of Humans, Dwarves and Elves. During the Old Kingdom the capitol city was built on the northern continent.

Further out is Agrith, the Third World it was cooler than the other two and more mountainous. Steppes dominate much of the habitable land. Many wild species call this world home. Tribes of centaur and wemics roam these lands along with primitive human tribes from the survivors of wrecks of Aether ships. Feral orcs and goblins at the end of the last war remain in hidden valleys.

On the Fourth World simply known the Fortress is a desolate world of blasted plains and shattered mountains. The common battleground between the Old Kingdom and the Savage tribes of the Fifth World. There are far older network of tunnels and catacombs and large sealed chambers beneath the worlds surface.

Savage is what they call the Fifth World a cold windswept place where only the strongest survive. Home to the Orcs and other Goblionoid tribes. Ruins of a once world spanning empire dot the surface of the world to testify that they were once far more advanced




The System